About Us

Gold Star Innovators specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) infusions. Our focus is to develop new and innovative products in the FMCG space with and without CBD. We help companies build brand extensions by licensing our Amrit CBD emulsion Technology. Our infusions have been independently tested and are already being sold throughout United States and in the Caribbean.

Company Vision

To Become the Preeminent CBD FMCG Beverage producer & Distributor in the United States by creating unique products.

Company Mission

To bring CBD use and consumption into the mainstream for health and wellness, using our know how and trade secrets to enhance the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment.

Our Goal

To create diversified, high-margin revenue streams through our own brands and third-party CBD innovative products & licensing opportunities. We aim to forge partnerships which provide competitive advantages. Develop low production costs, industrial-scale, high-quality, and global distribution leverage.

Core Values

Contribute positively to our community Recognize profitability is essential to our company’s future success Value the relationship first.