CBD or cannabidiol is best known for its medicinal properties. It has been widely used for its anti-psychotic and
medicinal uses, especially in south east Asia, long before scientists discovered the exact constituents of the
cannabis sativa extract.
There are a variety of diseases against which CBD is quite effective. These have been widely studied and been
verified to have benefits.
1) Multiple Sclerosis
Combined with its cousin compound THC, CBD has been used as a nasal spray to fight against symptoms of
Multiple Sclerosis or MS. It is also useful in reducing symptoms such as muscle tightness, soreness and has also
helped people who had trouble with their urination frequencies due to Multiple Sclerosis.
2) Dystonia
There is some research to show that regular intake of cannabidiol could also help fight symptoms of a muscular
disorder called dystonia. It is reported to cause a 20% to 50% reduction in symptoms in some of the patients.
3) Epilepsy
It even works against epilepsy. However, there is conflicting data regarding this. Some research shows that the
patient under cannabidiol medication for up to 18 weeks has shown a significant reduction in symptoms of
epilepsy. The seizures had reduced and there was a general sense of well-being. But some other patients
showed no changes after taking CBD for a prolonged period of about 6 months. That is why further research has
to be conducted to determine whether CBD is good or bad.
4) Insomnia
We also have research suggesting that a certain amount of CBD can be taken before we go to sleep to help
people with insomnia. However, the dose has to be specific and one might not get the same effects when the
dose is slightly off the mark. Once again, there is no long research so there still much to be learned about the
5) Parkinson’s Disease
Research has suggested that taking CBD daily for around 4 weeks can reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s. This
can be due to the antipsychotic effect of the compound. It is also used against schizophrenia but again there are
other contradictory conclusions regarding this matter and more research needs to be done to come to a
There are various medicinal benefits to CBD. Again, more research has to be done to fully utilize the potential of
this cannabinoid compound since its hasn’t been studied for an extended period.

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