CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical found in the cannabis sativa plant. It is often confused with marijuana which is actually composed of the compound ‘THC’ that is also extracted from the same plant. Cannabidiol is actually a
phytocannabinoid chemical that was discovered by the scientists in the 40s. For those of you who do not know, a
cannabinoid is a compound that reacts with cannabinoid receptors in our cells and affects the release of
neurotransmitters in the brain.
Cannabinoids are mainly classified into three types- phytocannabinoid, endocannabinoid and synthetic
cannabinoid. Actually, cannabinoids can form a much diverse group of compounds as they are grouped not
according to their chemical property or origin but according to their ability to react with cannabinoid receptor in
our cells. Hence, a group of compounds that you usually would label as cannabinoids, could literally be made of a
wide variety of constituents.
Cannabis Sativa, the plant from which CBD is derived, has a very long history of being used for its medicinal
properties all around the world especially in South East Asia. However, people have been using it for decades by
knowing close to nothing about this compound. According to researchers, there are around 113 varieties of
cannabinoids that are found in the extract of the cannabis sativa plant of which CBD constitutes a single part.
However, this statistics may not paint a proper picture as CBD also constitutes about 40% of the extract of the
cannabis sativa plant.
CBD is considered to be safe and non-addictive. Other extracts of the cannabis sativa plant includes the 9
tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as it is popularly known as. This is the active ingredient that causes the psychotic
effects of marijuana once smoked or ingested.
The Food and Drug Administration which is a federal agency in the United States have been conducting various
tests on the cannabis sativa plant extracts and especially on CBD and THC. This is not only because of their
medicinal properties but also because of their various other uses. As much information has not yet been
discovered about it, CBD containing products have not yet been labelled as food supplements in the United States.
The uses of CBD has risen quite a bit in recent years and people are using it for all sorts of purposes. It has been
used as a cure against bipolar disorder, anxiety, muscle spasms and even diseases such as Parkinson’s and
As you could see, it is quite the multifunctional compound, with regards to its medicinal properties! There is still
lots to be learned about the benefits of CBD.

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