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About Illusions

– Illusions CBD Shots – Non-Alcoholic Spirits
Passionately crafted from start to finish with the utmost attention to details from the scent and aroma of a traditional spirit to the tantalizing taste on your tongue to the sensation of the smoothness and warmth at back of throat Illusions offers an alternative to alcohol while providing the sensation and experience of enjoying a traditional spirit either straight up or in a simple to elaborate cocktail of your choice which can be used as an alternative to the traditional CBD dosage  Read More »

About Illusions Product

Illusion CBD Kicker Drinks is design for convenience. Illusion Kick CBD Drink shots with 25mg of premium CBD Isolates along with other propriety energy blends with natural ingredients is designed to boost your energy without the jitters and to bring waves of relaxation as you wrap up your day.

Illusion Product Info
• 2oz Illusion Kicker CBD Drink Shots
• 25 mg of CBD per bottle

About Sober

Passionately Crafted Non-Alcoholic spirits  made with the classic intent to create a flavor and taste in mind without the alcohol.  The flavor, fragrance, and mouth sensation of these spirits made with carbs that are low calories. The flavors, fragrance, and mouth sensation of the classic spirits is accomplished without compromising quality.  An all-natural alcohol alternative that’s 100% spirit free. MADE FOR DRINKERS IN MIND – Add to your bar A ZERO alcohol option. Perfect alternative while training, dieting, parenting, staying out late or getting up early. It is great for when you want to enjoy a cocktail but want to stay sober and stay in control of all your faculty while still having the drinking experience. 8 great traditional spirits categories:  American Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Cinnamon Whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, Gin, Irish Whisky and two widely popular cocktails, Mojito and Margarita

“Made with the classic flavor and taste in mind”   Read More »

About Dr. S CBD

S. CBD – As an innovator in the hemp and CBD market, we want to ensure we provide the very best of quality in products that we produce and sell to our consumers. The technology in Hemp and CBD is improving daily and with new CBD products being released constantly to market, we want to be the go-to source for new innovations, product develop, regulations and laws updates involving Hemp, CBD, and information regarding the growth and success of the CBD industry. “Dr. Sourced, Dr. Approved and Dr. Recommended!”  


Gold Star Innovators, Inc have created a water soluble, odourless and tasteless concentrations using our trade secrets and special extraction patent pending technology both for CBD and THC called Amrit. We can infuse a range of FMCG, spirits, beverages, pharmaceutical, and well-being products. Our technology is being utilized in Spirits like Vodka and Gin and being utilized in the Zen CBD water line, Illusion Shots & Energy Kickers, Dr. S. CBD hang over cure bloody Mary Mix just to name a few. Our technology has mobility which allows us to infuse at the source within each state which creates huge savings to the brands.